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Champagne Candle

£70.00 from PZtoday X Olga Goose Candle

50 product reviews

How drunk are you? The PZ x IDEA x Olga Goose champagne candle will help you lose track of time. It's insane, yes, but it is real. Very limited edition of 30 candles. Note price is for one candle. If you want to make a wedding champagne fountain (as shown) buy nine! Comes boxed in v nice packaging.

Stockist : IDEA Online, DSM Ginza


£30.00 from IDEA

400 product reviews

PZ Weddings. The extra unordinary work of expert artist PZ. The perfect marriage of mashed up styles by Doublet, Virgil Abloh, Sarah Andelman, George Naoum, Olga Goose Candles. It has more of everything than ever before. 112 pages. Softcover. Edition of 400.(Sold out online)

Stockist : DSM London, DSM New York, DSMLA, DSM Ginza, 10 Corso Como (Korea), Librairie Yvon Lambert, Tres Bien, T0K10, Daikanyama T-Site Japan , Various Japanese shops and more...

PZtoday© with HB Peace: Pillow Case T-Shirt with Sleepless Night Print

N/A from pzworld

300 product reviews


Stockist : DSMG(SOLD OUT), DSML(SOLD OUT), Soop Soop(SOLD OUT) and H Lorenzo(SOLD OUT), DSMNY (Last chance)


EUR 30,00 from IDEA

300 product reviews

Only 300 copies Worldwide. PZWORLD Sold out Online.

Stockist : CdG Trading Museum Paris , Ofr., Librairie Yvon Lambert, Doverstreet Market London, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, KM20, Daikanyama T-Site Japan and more... (All sold out)

Year of The Pig 2019

GBP 20 from

200 product reviews

2019 Zodiac Calendar. 1st Edition, 200 copies (Sold out), 2nd Edition, 100 copies. Poster size A1, 2 sides with a beautiful cover in Plastic wrap.Created by Claire Barrow (Earrings), Eloise Parry (Photographer), Kiyoko Odo (Hair Designer), Anne Sophie Costa (Make-up Artist), and PZtoday© (Art Director)

Stockist : Donlon Books (London), Souvenir (Berlin), H. Lorenzo (L.A.), SOOP SOOP (Toronto), NOLM (Melbourne), Distal Phalanx (Newtown), Cytokinin (Seoul) and more (All sold out)

PZtoday© with D’heygere: Beer Coaster Earring

N/A from pzworld

245 product reviews


Stockist : DSMG and DSMNY

PZtoday© with Rombaut: A Pair of Purple Salad Shoes

EUR 105,00 from pzworld

355 product reviews

Only 100 Pairs (SOLD OUT)

Stockist : CdG Trading Museum Paris & Doverstreet Market London, L.A. and more...

PZtoday© with Yggy Paris: Human Wig Phone Case

N/A from pzworld

598 product reviews


Stockist :

PZtoday© with Emile Degorce-Dumas: Sock Book Ending Ceramic, Artisanal

N/A from pzworld

264 product reviews


Stockist :

PZtoday© with Strongthe: Napkin Ring…Stay Strongthe P.Z. I love you

N/A from pzworld

449 product reviews


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My Keanu Fanzine

EUR 35,00 from

500 product reviews

My Keanu. The story of Meredith Nirui (and Keanu Reeves) Edited by Ava Nirui, designed by PZ. Edition of 500.

Stockist : DSM London / NY, Tranding Museum Paris