PZWORLD at Doverstreet Market Los Angeles

PZWORLD Book and PZtoday+Rombaut Purple Salad Slides at Doverstreet Market Opening in L.A.! 1st lot of Purple Salad Shoes Sold Out in 1 Day! 2nd lot coming soon!

PZWORLD at À Rebours (La Fayette Anticipations)

PZWORLD Book and PZtoday+Emile Degorce Dumas Launching Socks Book Ending Ceramic at À Rebours (La Fayette Anticipations), Part of FIAC 2018. Pile of Fresh Laundry Installation by PZtoday.

PZWORLD at Comme des Garçons Trading Museum Paris

PZWORLD Book Launch Party: PZtoday with 55 collaborators Published by IDEA / The book launches on October 1st from 5-7pm during Paris Fashion Week at Comme des Garçons Trading Museum Drinks by Honor Cafe (2018)